Is your traumatic experience lingering over your head like a dark rain cloud?

Maybe it’s hard to find joy in activities you used to love or it might even be difficult to see the good in life anymore.

This type of negative thinking is indeed the work of trauma. Experiencing a traumatic event can create a sort of haunting effect on a person. In your own life, you most likely want to return to the person you were before the event happened. While you probably won’t ever fully return to your old self, you can reclaim passion and positivity despite the challenges you face in recovering from trauma.

Focus on External Support

After experiencing the sting of trauma in your life, it might be hard to feel anything but negative emotions.
In fact, turning your focus inward is not uncommon. In the midst of the pain, though, take a moment to look elsewhere. Look at the people in your life who came to your aid.

Passion and positivity can be rekindled by focusing on the kindness of others.

Acknowledgement of Personal Strength

Although the trauma you experience wasn’t at all welcomed, it did prove one thing – you’re very, very tough.

Maybe you never thought you could get through anything so painful, and yet you did. You found a strength that you never knew you had.

Not only did you survive, but you’re here, looking for ways to thrive in your life. That by itself is a huge accomplishment.

Acknowledging your own strength and resilience is neither pride nor arrogance. More than anything, it’s honor directed towards the amazing person that you are. So celebrate your strength!

Revive the Value of Life

Often, traumatic experiences change how you view life. Life and death might mean something different to you now.

Whether you were literally inches from death or your heart felt like it was, you now have the opportunity to see your life from a new perspective.

It’s sort of like when Dorothy landed in the Land of Oz. Life turned from black and white to an array of vibrant colors. Your life might not have been black and white before the trauma, but you now have the potential to see it in a whole new light. Let this illuminating power help you regain the passion and positivity in your life.

Express Yourself

Never has such an amazing emotional outlet existed as the arts. You can create what you feel as part of your healing process.

Whether it’s via musical composition, poetry writing, sculpting, painting, or an array of other artistic outlets, express yourself. Not only will this self-expression bring a level of healing and peace, but it might even grant you a sense of closure.

Assigning a shape or a sound to your feelings is very empowering. There are few things in this world that can rekindle a passion for life like the arts.

Explore New Possibilities

In addition to expressing yourself through the arts, find new ways to share your story.

Many people who experience trauma become advocates or volunteers in the areas surrounding their trauma. For instance, you could start a blog to help other people who are going through what you went through or even volunteer your time in a group or center.

You now know a very specific set of survival skills that others probably do not. Finding a way to share these skills and share your experience is a huge step toward regaining an excitement for life once again.

Take the first step…

If you are ready to regain passion and positivity after enduring a traumatic experience, I would like to help. Please contact me via phone or email so we can discuss how we might work together to achieve your therapeutic goals as quickly and effectively as possible.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Linda K. Laffey, MFT


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